About Will

10382816_10204762545159779_2275439195223084390_nGreensboro, NC personal trainer, and motivational speaker, Will Powell, is passionate about educating people on how food and fitness can lead to a higher quality of life, no matter their current weight or fitness level.  Will, Professional Drug-Free Bodybuilder and 3 time Reebok Crossfit World Champion, and promoter of the OCB No Gear Classic commands more than 35 years of physical fitness training and experience. He is continually researching, experimenting and refining all types of physical fitness training and how food and nutrition play an integral part in the everyday quality of life.

Will’s approach to health and fitness is a holistic lifestyle approach.  He believes in using fresh, whole foods to nourish and fuel the body.  Human performance and wellness and general quality of life begin with stewardship of the body. This stewardship should be rooted in the treatment of the body that allows it to function as it was designed. With proper fuel and movement, we can get the most out of our bodies and enjoy life more fully.

You can work with Will in private sessions, with one of his highly qualified team trainers or in a group setting.  Will works closely with a team of trainers that have adopted his methods of training and healthy lifestyle choices.  Strength and conditioning classes use Will’s programming and nutritional choices as well.

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, be an elite athlete, elite physique competitor or simply the healthiest and most productive person you can be, Will’s expertise and customized programs have a proven track record with many satisfied clients.  Client testimonials can be viewed here.

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