Let’s Move, America!

With the new year comes many new resolutions. This year, I challenge you to set intentions for your health, not simply creating unrealistic goals that are impossible to sustain long-term. As a nation, the general population leads a sedentary lifestyle. Technological “advances” could become the ruination of our already deteriorating health. First, let me say that technology is good for America or society in general, but like anything, it can become misplaced, misused, and at some point, become a detriment to our health.

The problem arrives when we use technology to replace our very nature as functional beings and go against the design and function of our bodies. The human body was designed to move. We were made to run, walk, jump, climb, etc. As a matter of fact, before we had the technology to protect us from the elements of harsh climate and predators intent on making us their next meal, our survival depended on our ability to move, evade, capture, climb and more. Only those who moved well were able to survive. This brings us back to today, where we are no longer required to do those things to be protected, sheltered and well fed. In fact, a quick stroll through the doors of any supermarket proves the point that all we need for our next meal is to simply reach out and pluck something off the shelf.

Individuals now do not have to move in order to wander into a new more conducive climate or run from a ferocious animal, but we can’t escape the perils of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and sometimes even depression as a result of our inactive lifestyles. So even though technological advances afford us the opportunity to be sedentary, let’s not allow it to change our bodies by going against the very design of the human form. Movement is good for our bodies if it helps prevent most degenerative diseases and aids in healing us when we contract them. Newton’s law of inertia states that a thing in motion tends to stay in motion, whereas a thing at rest tends to stay at rest. If we as a society create opportunities for our bodies to be exercised on a daily basis, by design our bodies will remain healthier longer.

Let’s get moving, America! Choose your movement! Remember small ways that you can create opportunities to move – park far away from a store entrance, take the stairs, take a walk on your lunch break, or dedicate 30-45 minutes a day to some form of moderate exercise!