10 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Fall’s Weekend with Will

Have you always wondered what going on a wellness retreat might be like? Do you envision having to do crazy workouts and nibbling on lettuce the whole time? Fret not, you’re not alone! Will’s wellness retreats are fun, implementing workouts for any fitness level with delicious, hearty meals. Still need convincing? Here are 10 reasons why you should attend this fall’s wellness retreat!

  1. Meet new friends. Join a group of like-minded individuals on a journey to improving their health. Whether you are sedentary looking to make a change or an athlete – no matter what level of fitness or health you are – you’ll be in an encouraging, supportive environment with no judgements. You’ll make lifelong friends who can help you stay on track once you leave the retreat.
  2. Add tools to your toolbox. Even people who are already on a journey to better health can benefit from new perspectives. At the retreat, you’re guaranteed to take something away that you can implement, whether big or small. Learn anything from a new exercise to why eating whole foods can prevent disease during Will’s informative seminars. If you’re still learning the basics, you’ll be able to build on your knowledge base with new info.
  3. Hit the reset button. Attending a retreat requires you to let go of distractions of everyday life that may keep you from focusing on your own health. Getting away from the hustle and bustle to specifically create goals for your fitness will allow you to commit to being present for the information that will be given to you.
  4. Eat delicious food. A tasty breakfast is included when staying at the Riverhouse Inn, and delicious lunches are provided as part of the retreat program’s cooking demonstration. Dinners are also provided by the Riverhouse Inn for an additional fee. Their world-class chef delivers impeccable dishes, and Will’s wife Terry demonstrates how to cook healthy alternatives without sacrificing taste. Her made-from-scratch sweet potato muffins and blueberry muffins were the perfect snack after our afternoon yoga session last year!
  5. Get easy recipes to use at home. Terry Powell will share some delicious recipes during the retreat, and will also allow you to sample some snacks prepared from whole, organic ingredients. Go home with a meal plan in place for your next trip to the grocery store.
  6. Spend time in nature. The Riverhouse Inn is a beautiful, secluded bed and breakfast in the mountains of NC, just outside of Jefferson. The New River runs in front of the B&B, where you can take a meditative walk, or hike along the rolling hills surrounding the property. It’s the perfect backdrop for a quick weekend escape and makes an ideal location for our annual fall retreat. It isn’t uncommon to see rabbits, deer and other wildlife while taking a stroll. Weather permitting, a group of attendees will usually take a kayaking or hiking excursion together during some down time!
  7. Do workouts scaled for your ability. At the retreat, workouts are done first thing in the morning. Don’t let this deter you! Working out in the mornings revs your metabolism for the rest of the day, and the location makes for some gloriously beautiful scenery during sunrise! Each workout is tailored to your fitness level, with progressions for those wanting an extra challenge as well. These group workouts are lots of fun! There will be two workouts at the retreat this year, each lasting approximately one hour from warm up to cool down.
  8. Learn from an industry icon. Will Powell has been in the business for almost four decades. His expertise in weight loss, conditioning and nutrition makes him a powerhouse of information. His busy schedule and large clientele often prevent this level of personalized attention, so the retreat offers attendees an opportunity to ask questions, get suggestions, and chat with him one-on-one in a casual setting.
  9. Take time to set goals. One of the biggest benefits of attending the fall retreat is to create a plan once you get back home. You’ll have an opportunity to set measurable goals, share them with the group and set a plan in place that enables you to realistically achieve both short and long-term goals. Learn which exercises you should be doing, which foods you should be eating and avoiding, and how to combine both into a sustainable lifestyle.
  10. Get perks for future events. Attending any of Will’s retreats means you’ll get first dibs on pricing and accommodations for future events. This year, previous attendees were able to reserve rooms at the Riverhouse Inn before registration opened to the public, which means they were able to reserve their favorites before they were snagged!

There you have it! Previous attendees can attest to how refreshed they feel after this fun event, and how much motivation they have to keep focused on their health and fitness goals. Ready to register and reserve your spot? You can sign up here!

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