Hear what Will’s clients have to say!

On the 2016 Healthy for the Holidays workshop:

“This was the best nutrition/fitness workshop/lecture that I have attended, and as a physician, I have attended quite a few! Will is so VERY knowledgeable concerning the correct ratio of fat/carbs/protein as well as calories, depending on your goals. It is also a given that he can prescribe the best exercise program for YOU depending on your needs and goals. He is CURRENT with all the research on diet, exercise, metabolism, as well as the pitfalls that make us all fall off of the healthy wagon. He not only identifies problems, he teaches us how to strategically plan to get through the Holiday gluttony! This workshop was excellent and I cannot say enough positive attributes about Will (and his wife Terry). From the cooking demonstrations, to specific superfoods and amounts to ingest, to an exercise prescription, to the passion Will has for fitness, this workshop should most definitely be repeated! Thank you so very much Will and Terry!”

Tammy R. Spear, MD, Summerfield, NC

Naomi and Oddie, two long-time clients, share how working with a personal trainer has helped them both stay active and healthy. They train together to make it even more fun!

Naomi and Oddie, Greensboro, NC 

“I was referred by a friend to talk to Will and Terry Powell after trying for a year to break through a weight loss plateau. After having a consultation with Will in July 2015, I started by coming to the boot camp three times a week and received a meal plan that was simple to follow. It didn’t take long to start seeing results in my first two weeks. The pounds started to drop off, my mobility and endurance improved beyond belief. I am getting stronger with each workout by increasing my muscle mass and I am very happy to see my body fat percentage decreasing.

The ongoing education and materials about how to nourish your body for a healthy life style and maintain your fitness goal is awesome, the tools are given to you and it’s up to you to receive and use them to meet your goals. I am so glad I made the decision to work with Will and Terry and look forward to continue working with the both of them to meet all my fitness goals.”

Cheryl Rankin, High Point, NC

“I have belonged to several other health clubs and have had other trainers, but none can be compared to the extensively trained, knowledgeable professionals at Will Powell’s Weight Loss For Life. They have a very caring, motivating and encouraging atmosphere. With their health and nutritional guidance/ education, I was able to make lasting “lifestyle” changes. I went from 204 to 172. They have kept me on the right track! with their guidance I will continue to strive for optimum health and fitness. I highly recommend Will Powell’s Weight Loss For Life!”

matt_before     matt_after

Matt Milunic, Greensboro, NC

“I’m 53 yrs old and an avid mountain biker. Back in June of this year I had ballooned to 263 lbs and had considered giving up the sport that I love. I had high blood pressure, my back hurt, my knees hurt, and my asthma was giving me trouble. I would avoid some of the tougher rides with my friends because I was always way back riding alone. I then received an email newsletter for Natural Triad Magazine about a seminar Will was giving on June 24th called “Fitness Over 40”. My wife and I went to the seminar and really “listened” to what Will was saying. I also discovered he had Boot Camp beginning on July 12th.

When I reported to Boot camp, I weighed 255 lbs. (we had already started eating somewhat the way Will has suggested) and my body fat was 31%. I’ve completed 2 of Will’s 6 week boot camps. I’m now down to 220 lbs and my body fat is less than 25%. My goal is to be below 20%. It’s been amazing! My blood pressure is now 110/70. Now my riding has gone through the roof. The sweetest words I’ve heard in a while was when I was riding with a group of friends a few weeks ago and one of my friends said to me “Do you want me to move over and let you by?” My strength and stamina has gone up fourfold! My knees and back no longer hurt. My asthma is almost non-existent!

I truly cannot believe the difference it has made in my life, my marriage, and my job. I feel 10-15 years younger. The key has been doing the work and listening to Will regarding eating and nutrition. I could go on and on about it. The boot camps are challenging but, also a lot of fun! Truthfully, Will Powell and his wife Terri have been a blessing to me. May God bless them both!”

Luis before     Luis after

Luis Gonzalez, High Point, NC

“In January of this year I realized that I was in the worst shape of my life. I was unhappy with the way that I looked and felt and I was ready for a change. At 5’10” and 202 pounds, it was hard for me to climb the stairs at my apartment without gasping for breath. To add insult to injury, my blood work was even worse. My cholesterol was 313, and my triglycerides were over 400! I was on the road to a early grave. I had tried fad diets, and going to the gym, but I gave up on both quickly after seeing few if any results. Well, just by luck of the draw, I happened across William Powell. I asked him if he could help me get into shape for my wedding, which then was 12 weeks away. Even though he said that was no problem, I had little confidence in the process since I had already tried a few times before. But, I decided to give it an honest effort and follow his program to the letter.

We started with my body comp, and the numbers were not kind. January 1st I was 25.67% body fat and I was shaped like a traffic cone. Not a good way to start. By the start of week 3 I was 22.5% bodyfat, and by week 5 I was 17.5%. As time moved on, I became more and more addicted to the lifestyle. I loved the food I was eating and I would rather be poked in the eye with a spoon than eat sugar or have soft drinks. I went from 202 pounds to my current weight, 172 in 10 weeks, not to mention I am now around 13.5% body fat! Now I am totally hooked and I will never go back to living and eating the way that I did before I met William. I honestly believe that William gave me a new lease on my life. I am enjoying activities I couldn’t before, and my fiance thinks I am pretty hot as well. lol.

Oh, I almost forgot, my blood work. My cholesterol was 167, and my triglycerides were 95 last time it was checked. I was told before that I would have to take medication to get my numbers down, turns out all I needed was to work out with William a few days a week. If you give it an honest effort, William will give you the results. Try it, It is just that simple.”

Josh Anderson, Greensboro, NC

“Before I started training with William I was a sixty five year old overweight grandmother. I had diet controlled diabetes and hypertension. After working with William my blood sugar level and blood pressure are well in the normal range and have been for some time now. These two accomplishments in and of themselves are excellent, but I am happy to say that I have lost over 30 lb and my energy level is really up there. I walked in two 5k walk/runs last year and finished both in one hour.

That’s my before story, my after story is; because I am working with a trainer who literally takes my training personal I will reach my ideal weight soon and walk or ride my bicycle with my grandchildren in the park this summer.”

Ceola Lindsay, Kernersville, NC